About us >

Founded in 2015, Guangzhou Servode Electric Co. , Ltd. is located in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Technology Enterprise Industrial Park, is a focus on AC servo and related complete sets of equipment research and development, production and sales of high-Enterprises. 

The company R&D team accounts for 30% of the total number of R&D team with more than 10 years of industry technology applications and R&D operations management experience. Thanks to its capabilities in motor drive and control technology, the company has established a research and development management platform to provide customers with cost-effective products and solutions. 

In the era of industrial evolution, SERVODE is committed to building smart factories and smart production platforms for customers through servo technology, it has successively introduced the ASD600A series universal servo, ASD600E series economical servo, MSD200A spindle servo, ASD620 series bus servo,MSD220B spindle servo, MSD180E economical spindle servo as well as MC20 series motion controller and other products for industrial automation control add brick and tile. 

With 42 patents for inventions and utility models and 10 software copyrights, continuously injecting new vitality into industrial automation control and enhancing the competitiveness of its customers from the source of technology,make it become the user and beneficiary of intelligent production technology, also become the creator and supplier of industrial production technology.

What We Do >


  • Manufacturing experience in industrial automation

    The field of industrial automation is one of the areas that have received much attention in recent years. With the continuous advancement of technology, more and more manufacturing companies are adopting industrial automation technology to improve productivity and reduce costs. In this field, manufacturing experience is very important. A company with rich manufacturing experience can better help customers improve product quality and production efficiency. If you are looking for an industrial automation company with rich manufacturing experience, welcome to contact us and let us provide you with more professional services to promote the development of industrial automation together!

  • R&D

    Our R&D team can develop customized products according to the individual needs of our customers. Benefiting from a fresh perspective and our deep automation expertise, Guangzhou Servode Electric Co.,Ltd gives you the depth of expertise and breadth of mind you need to see the possibilities and turn them into reality. We put our decades of experience solving complex challenges across industries and geographies to work for you - helping you achieve productivity, results and growth wherever you are in the lifecycle of your operations.

  • Served Industries

    For 10 years, Guangzhou Servode Electric Co.,Ltd has been served: printing machines, packaging machines, wire-winding machines, laser cutting machines, high-speed labeling machines, precision laser tube cutting machines, automated production lines, CNC machine tools, 3C logistics platforms, sewage treatment platforms, 3-5 axis linkage applications, national military industry. If the customer application industry has special needs, we can provide solutions according to customer needs.